Fractured House GOP Could Put Democrats In Ideal Position

 January 2, 2023

There's been a little bit of bad blood recently between some noteworthy GOP members, and at least one liberal thinks it may soon provide the opening the Democratic Party needs to sneak back into American minds again.

Former Representative Donna Edwards, a Democrat from Maryland, recently stopped by MSNBC's The Sunday Show.

Host Yamiche Alcindor asked "I wonder, for Democrats, what do you think they’re thinking if they’re across the aisle? They are now in the minority, but they’re also watching this chaos play out?"

Donna had an answer ready to go:

What they can see is a very fractured and chaotic minority, I mean majority. I think that that gives Democrats some leverage, even with their new leadership. I think there is going to be a coalescence around that leadership. They’re going to stick together. They’re going to go into these political battles really going toe-to-toe with Republicans on the investigations and the committee process and stuff. But they see a very weakened leadership on the Republican side and a very weak and fractured Republican Party.

She concluded by saying that the Democratic Party's dark days might not last as long as previously thought:

I think it puts Democrats in a great position. You’re not going to see Democrats, for example, if there is a select committee called, Democrats are not going to miss the opportunity to participate fully in that process. On these committees like Oversight and Government Reform, you’re going to see a minority leader Jamie Raskin really going toe to toe with Republicans, going toe to toe with them on the Judiciary Committee. Democrats are not going to leave any stones unturned when it comes to challenging Republicans.