Fox's Ingraham says those expecting reparations have been 'played for a fool'

Fox News host Laura Ingraham recently took to the air, opening her program with a warning to those hoping for slavery reparations.

Ingraham's warning comes to those expecting reparations based on Democratic politicians making promises they can't keep.

Ingraham said there will be similar disappointment for those who expected to enjoy student loan forgiveness.

The Fox host's comments came after the high court ruled against President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

"They couldn’t eliminate the student loans through legislation, or at least tried to do that," she said.

Ingraham had some strong language for those waiting and hoping for reparations, telling them they've been "played for a fool."

"But they didn’t. Instead, they pretended to do something that never had a chance of surviving the Supreme Court’s scrutiny," Ingraham said. "So if you’re someone who voted for the Democrats because you thought your student loans were going to be forgiven, or if you voted for Democrats because you thought that you were going to get a big pile of money in the form of reparations? Well, I’m here to tell you that you were played for a fool."

"The Left knew exactly what they were doing," Ingraham continued. "They knew that this wasn’t going to, you know, in any way be upheld by the court. And they don’t have any intention of writing checks to anyone for reparations."