Fox News' Julie Banderas predicts Ron DeSantis will drop out if he doesn't do well in Iowa caucus

 January 1, 2024

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas predicted that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would end his presidential campaign if he doesn't perform well in the upcoming Iowa caucus.

Banderas opened her monologue by citing an anonymous DeSantis pollster and advisor who stated that the campaign was working to "'Make the patient comfortable.'" The patient being DeSantis and his presidential ambitions that are now on life support after months of campaigning.

DeSantis began the campaign looking like the strongest contender with a chance to unseat former President Donald Trump.

For most of the race, DeSantis was the only candidate who could even attempt to keep pace with Trump. However, in recent months, DeSantis has fallen back to the pack, and a once-promising campaign is in hospice care.

Banderas went on to say, "It’s less than three weeks before that. So where does the governor and his campaign, I mean, he must finish in the top two spots, or he risks dropping out of the 2024 Republican primary?'

The Iowa caucus will be DeSantis's defining moment, and if he can't perform, it'll be back to Florida and back into the oven for a candidate that many Republicans see as a power player in future elections.