Fox News' Jeanine Pirro rips Jack Smith for arrogance after Supreme Court 'slapped down' fast track request

 December 24, 2023

Fox News' The Five co-panelist Jeanine Pirro responded to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to decline a request from Special Counsel Jack Smith to expedite former President Donald Trump’s immunity claim in his federal election interference case.

Pirro opened by saying, "I’ve said this before, whether his arrogance is more absurd than his ignorance. The truth is for Jack Smith to assume that because he’s got a case that the Supreme Court should hear right away, that we should avoid due process and the regular process of appeals going to the appellate process, and that the United States Supreme Court should bend to his whims and his Trump derangement syndrome."

Smith wanted Trump's immunity claim fast-tracked so as to avoid any delay in the election interference trial set to start on March 4. Now with the Supreme Court declining Smith's request, Trump's trial will likely be delayed until after the 2024 election.

Pirro went on to say, "He’s been slapped down, and the Supreme Court basically said, ‘We’re not getting involved in this.'"

Smith has been steadily beat back in the past few weeks as Trump's lawyers have successfully stalled for more time. Trump's team has been using a strategy of delay to get to the election which severely complicates Smith's strategy.

Should Trump win another term as president, he will have a lot of power to curb actions against him. Furthermore, Trump will also have the power to pardon himself, which would mean that the dogged efforts to convict Trump may, for all intents and purposes, been for naught.