Fox News photo shows Biden with notecard telling him who to call on at presser

October 28, 2023

President Joe Biden is apparently incapable of conducting a press conference without a notecard showing him the names and photos of journalists to call on, according to a photo published by Fox News.

During a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday, both leaders took questions from four reporters -- two from each country, which happened to match the names and photos shown in the cheat sheet from Fox News.

The journalists who asked questions included PBS correspondent Laura Barrón-López, USA Today White House correspondent Joey Garrison, Australia’s Channel 10 Network Political Editor Ashleigh Raper, and The Australian’s Jeff Chambers.

Biden has been using cheat sheets for a while now, but that only shows his diminished mental capacity.

Could you imagine former President Donald Trump having to be told which reporters to call on at a press conference? It would not happen.

If Biden needs a cheat sheet for a simple press conference, he's obviously not the one running the country behind the scenes. America needs a competent leader, not an incompetent puppet pulling the strings of an obviously senile old man.

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