Fox News hosts share thoughts on a potential Kamala Harris presidency

 June 8, 2023

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and other network personalities assessed Joe Biden's pick of Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate in 2020.

Co-hosts of Fox's The Five reacted to Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley saying that if Biden wins in 2024, Harris will end up becoming president.

"We are running against Kamala Harris," Haley said. "Make no bones about it. The New York Times knows it. Every liberal knows it. They know that it’s Kamala Harris that’s going to end up being president of the United States if Joe Biden wins this election."

Biden, who is 80 years old, continues to face numerous questions on both side of the aisle regarding his physical and mental fitness, yet he plows ahead into a campaign for reelection in 2024.

The questions about Biden's physical and mental health intensified last week after Biden fell on stage at a commencement ceremony.

Meanwhile, Harris has even worse approval ratings than Biden.

"I spoke to a political consultant and he said the importance of framing the issue is the number one thing in politics," Jesse Watters said. "What you want to do is you want to frame an issue that makes your opponent operate in a space that hurts them."

"So, when a Republican says 'We’re actually running against Kamala Harris,' what does that make Democrats say? Watters asked. "That makes Democrats have to talk about Joe Biden’s age, Joe Biden’s physical, and Joe Biden’s mental health. It puts them in an even more awkward position because then they also have to insist and acknowledge that Kamala Harris is next in line."

Watters continued, adding that Republican candidates should "hammer" the truth that Harris would automatically succeed Biden should he become ill or pass away during his term.

Gutfeld praised Biden’s decision to pick Harris.

"I’m going to disagree with Jesse," he said. "I think that the decision to choose Kamala as VP was brilliant for Joe 'cause she’s so much worse. You don’t pick a better choice."

Gutfeld's reasoning seemed offbeat.

"She was an insurance policy," Jeanine Pirro answered.

"Yeah, no one’s going to go after Joe if you gotta deal with that," Gutfeld replied.

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