Geraldo Rivera Suggests Politicians Pose With Dead Bodies

 May 9, 2023

Geraldo Rivera, despite being on one of the more conservative networks in America, does not always remember to utilize common sense before he opens his mouth.

The latest example of that?

His urging that all politicians who ever pose with firearms, specifically AR-15's, "should also pose with" piles of dead bodies.

Interestingly, Rivera did NOT recommend the same treatment for politicians who support and even encourage the murder of unborn babies.

The AR-15 is one of the most common self-defense and home protection tools used in America, but Rivera wants to demonize regular people who just want to feel safe.

The federal government is allowed to carry weapons at all times, isn't it only fair that the citizens of America be granted a similar human right?

Rivera doesn't think so. He also doesn't know what "AR" stands for. He supported the idea that it represents "automatic rifle," when it reality it is named after the company that manufactured the rifle first, Armalite Rifle.