Brit Hume: Rep. James Comer overplaying hand on Biden investigations

 January 19, 2023

Brit Hume, Fox News chief political analyst, delivered a strong message to House Oversight Committee chairman Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky.

Hume said on Fox News' Special Report that Comer is making too many television appearances "hyping" his investigations into President Joe Biden.

"If these House investigators want to proceed judiciously," Hume said, "they might want to think about Mr. Comer. And it might be a good idea for him to get off television awhile, delve into the material here, and when he finds something, maybe tell us about it then. So far what he’s doing basically is hyping these investigations. He runs the risk of appearing to be nothing but a partisan about it, which is something the Republicans can’t afford because when that starts to happen, the press will be all over these Republicans."

Anchor Bret Baier said, "And that is the risk right? Going over their skis, promising too much. They can’t deliver."

Hume answered, "That’s exactly right. Of course, if they were Democrats, they could say whatever they want. Doesn’t matter."

"Look at Adam Schiff, for example," Hume added. "He spouted out all kinds of claims about what he was going to find on Donald Trump during the investigations of the election and the alleged Russia collusion. It turned out despite his claims, he never had any of it. But you know, he kept on straight up banners flying, press continued to listen to him."

Source: Breitbart