Fox News Host Confirms Candidate Strategy To Take On Trump

 June 3, 2023

Brit Hume of Fox News said this week on Special Report that former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey will take on former President Donald Trump directly.

Hume's comments come amid Christie's entrance into the 2024 presidential race and the likelihood that he will strategically take on Trump in order to shift focus to other candidates and damage Trump's campaign.

Hume said, "As for Christie, one wonders what he is up to. One thing he will do that some of the other candidates may be hesitant to do he will, as he has, take on Donald Trump directly."

"That can be effective," Hume added. "It was effective when he took on Marco Rubio in the 2016 campaign. And in the end, of course, I think he did real damage there in the 2016 campaign."

"And the problem I should say, the benefit did not go to Christie. It accrued to other candidates. That is the risk you take when you take on a candidate who is well ahead in the field directly," Hume added.

"DeSantis, we are getting our first real glimpse of him," Hume continued. "We have seen him in Florida. We have seen him here and there. The nation as a whole is just getting a chance to see him now out on the campaign trail at some length. I watched most of his speech last night. And so, you know, we are getting a fuller glimpse of him. I don’t think is he particularly exciting as a candidate."

"Trump is always exciting, at least to his supporters, and he is always entertaining," Hume added. "In the primary season, who knows what voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will go for this year."