Brit Hume: Biden's SCOTUS delivery not 'confidence-inspiring'

 February 11, 2023

Fox News' Brit Hume spoke about President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, saying he has "considerable doubt" that Biden's stumbling and slurring through the address was a "confidence inspiring" speech.

"Looking at this one and this man giving it, I think that there are two ways to look at this speech," Hume said.

"One is, you know, the speech itself, what it said, the programs announced, the spending promise, the remedies for the bragging about what their accomplishments are and all of that," Hume added.

"The other way is looking at this man, this 80-year-old man, the oldest president, I guess, ever, and whether he got through the speech well. And it seemed to me that it was an awful lot of stumbling and slurring and words left out and so on," Hume continued.

"So the question becomes this: There’s someone sitting at home worried about the future of our country, perhaps suffering from inflation and the other maladies, and worried about crime, worried about the border," Hume said.

"Look at this man delivering this speech tonight and say, I have confidence to give him four more years. He’s the man who has led our nation so well, he’s fully in command, or they look at him and have doubts. Doubts that they may already harbor based on Afghanistan and certain other things."

Then Hume made he statement casting doubt that Biden's speech was helpful in alleviating doubts in the minds of Americans.

"I have considerable doubt as to whether this was a confidence-inspiring speech tonight," Hume said.

Source: Breitbart