Mark Levin Calls For Biden To Be Questioned Under Oath

 January 27, 2023

Conservative talker Mark Levin blasted President Joe Biden, saying that he believes the commander in chief should be questioned under oath.

During an appearance on Fox News' Hannity, Levin weighed in on the reported classified materials said to have been found in Biden’s possession.

"Here’s the question that should be asked," Levin said, "remember Joe Biden said in September, he — he didn’t take classified documents and he dumps on Trump. Remember Pence was a very honorable man, he says in November, I didn’t take classified documents, but they had classified documents."

"In the case of Biden," Levin said, "he’s got documents from the Senate. He’s got documents in a closet in a phony think tank, where money’s being laundered for him from the communist Chinese. He’s got documents next to this Corvette. He’s got documents in his fake library at home. He’s got that — God knows where he’s got more documents."

"So — but only Joe Biden can tell us how some of these documents wound up where they did. So he needs to be questioned under oath," Levin added.

"And the bottom line is, if Joe Biden can walk out there out of the SCIF in the Senate with purloined documents, how do we know other senators haven’t done this?" Levin continued. "And well, now, I’ve been made — mistakenly interpreted as saying this is no big deal, everybody does it. Quite the contrary, it is a big deal."

Source: Breitbart