Fox News faces post-midterm choice between Trump, DeSantis

November 14, 2022

Fox News and other conservative media outlets now face a decision, and it is going to be interesting to see where they land.

"Top talent on Fox News and leading figures in conservative media more generally have a choice to make in the coming months: Who would be the best Republican to support in a potential clash for the 2024 GOP nomination for president — former President Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?" reports The Hill.

"Trump is expected to announce a third run for president on Tuesday, while DeSantis this week delivered Republicans one of the most sweeping statewide victories in Florida in recent memory," reported the outlet.

"During his time in the White House, Trump could count on Fox and its top hosts for near constant coverage and partisan approval," The Hill added.

"But there have been signs of a shift away from Trump at Fox for months, and the network’s praise of DeSantis leading up to and following his dominating reelection victory has raised questions about who it might throw its weight behind in 2024," according to The Hill.

"When Rupert Murdoch talks, people listen. So, what happens at Fox matters a lot, especially for Republican Party politics," Darrell West, vice president of governance studies at The Brookings Institution, noted.

"They have a direct pipeline to the base, so how they feel about Trump, how they feel about other candidates will matter a lot," West added.

"Trump may be ready to play dirty to win the GOP nomination in 2024. If he does, he will not only cement the disdain with which many in his party view him today, he will once again scorch Republican chances of defeating Democrats," noted columnist Liz Peek on "Let us hope that the millions of Americans who have supported Trump in 2016 and again in 2020 begin to see that his time has passed. If they like his policies, they need to move their allegiance to Ron DeSantis, who has never lost a campaign, and who emerged the big winner in these midterms."

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