Fox News Airs Commercial For Chinese-Owned TikTok During Republican Debate

 August 25, 2023

In the middle of letting Republican presidential candidates explain to the nation that China represents the single biggest threat to American democracy right now, Fox News did the unthinkable.


The communist government of China owns ByteDance, which in turn owns TikTok. The social media videos platform has already been found to be illegally and inappropriately appropriating the data of American users.

This was either a horrific oversight by the team at Fox News, a disgruntled employee trying to stick it to the boss by letting a communist commercial slip through, or TikTok simply offered too much money for the network to ignore.

Republicans know that TikTok shouldn't even be in our country at all, much less invading our country's presidential debates.

"TikTok is a cancer on our society. It’s a tool to corrupt and indoctrinate our kids. It’s a propaganda and spy app for Communist China," Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas has said. "It needs to be banned, not just from all government devices, but from the entire United States."