Fourth IRS agent comes forward to claim interference in charging Hunter Biden

September 24, 2023

Amid increasing scrutiny of the lack of charges that stemmed from the years' long probe of Hunter Biden, a fourth IRS agent has stepped forward to claim that federal prosecutors in California as well as in D.C. prevented David Weiss from filing criminal counts against the first son, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The agent at issue, Darrell Waldon, has provided testimony that corroborates that of previous agency whistleblower Gary Shapley, who went to Congress earlier this year and alleged that the probe of Hunter Biden was intentionally slow-walked and obstructed by members of his father's administration.

Waldon speaks

The information provided by Waldon came during a closed-door back-and-forth with the House Ways and Means Committee this month.

Waldon told the panel that Weiss, who was then the Delaware U.S. Attorney and in charge of investigating Hunter Biden for various potential offenses, encountered a number of roadblocks in attempting to bring criminal counts outside of his own jurisdiction.

“Mr. Weiss went to the U.S. Attorney's Office – I can't recall the dates – and they did not agree to prosecute the case in D.C.,” Waldon explained.

His testimony continued, “I'm aware that it was presented to the District of Columbia and, at some point, the Central District of California, I believe,” but no charges against Hunter Biden ever issued.

Batdorf's claims

Waldon's recollections line up with those recently provided by Michael Batdorf, IRS director of field operations, who also spoke to the House Ways and Means Committee about the Hunter Biden matter.

Batdorf specifically referenced U.S. Attorney E. Martin Estrada of California's Central District as having refused to work with Weiss in bringing charges against Hunter Biden in his jurisdiction.

Recalling his own conversation with Weiss on the situation, Batdorf noted, “He just said that they had declined, and he had to make the decision on where he was going to go.”

Batdorf's revelations support statements made by Shapley as well as by fellow IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler regarding unusual hurdles that stood in the way of the Hunter Biden probe and possible criminal charges, and they contradict assertions made by Attorney General Merrick Garland about the authority he says Weiss had to bring cases anywhere he chose.

Garland grilled

The apparent inconsistency between the agents' testimony and that of Garland, who has long insisted that Weiss always possessed “full authority” to pursue a case against Hunter Biden in any location he wished was the subject of heated questioning during a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, as the New York Post noted.

Garland attempted to hold fast to his prior assertions, but panel chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) declared, “You said he had complete authority, but he'd already been turned down. He wanted to bring an action in the District of Columbia, and the U.S. attorney there said, 'No, you can't.' And then you go tell the United States Senate, under oath, that he has complete authority.”

Offering an equivocation that angered countless observers, Garland replied, “I'm going to say again that no one had the authority to turn him down. They could refuse to partner with him.”

Undeterred, Jordan shot back, “You can use whatever language you want – refuse to partner is turning down,” but whether Garland will be held accountable for the prevarications, inconsistencies, and apparent obstruction that have occurred on his watch, only time will tell.

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