Florida mother arrested after baby overdoses on fentanyl

By Jen Krausz on
 February 14, 2024

A mother was arrested in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday after her baby apparently overdosed on fentanyl in her home.

Police met Mary Sinopoli, 38, on the side of the road as she was attempting to drive her baby son to the hospital.

“He was just lying on my carpet. We were watching him, he was playing with his little, he has a green puppy, and he was playing with him and then he started…he fell asleep and he started getting really congested,” Sinopoli told police.

He was non-responsive but regained a pulse after CPR was administered and as EMS arrived on the scene.

Because he exhibited signs of a drug overdose, Narcan was administered he was transported to the hospital.

A search of Sinopoli's house revealed evidence of fentanyl, and the baby's system tested positive for it. She has been charged with aggravated child abuse, and the investigation is ongoing.