Former White House Physician Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test

 April 26, 2023

When I go around talking about medical topics, I don't have a lot of clout because I'm just some goofus behind a keyboard. But do you know who DOES have a whole bunch of clout when it comes to both politics AND medicine?

Ronny Jackson.

That's because Representative Jackson has served as the White House physician to multiple presidents.

So now that he's issued a serious notice that Joe Biden desperately needs a cognitive test, America would be wise to listen to him.

Jackson is circulating a letter throughout the House of Representatives detailing his concerns and demanding that Biden get checked out.

On top of that, America deserves to see the results. According to the former White House Physician, America deserves "COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader."

The Biden administration has given us nothing of the sort. Everything with them is smoke and mirrors, and that doesn't stop when it comes to Joe Biden's health.

Ronny Jackson thinks it needs to stop, and now. I do too.