Former Twitter Chief Says Company Shouldn't Have Censored Biden Laptop Story

December 2, 2022

Donald Trump called it.

Many people didn't believe him, but he was right all along. Twitter was covering up Hunter Biden's laptop story.

Granted, this wasn't the only reason, but consider what a major role it played in Trump being suspended from Twitter by the company's prior leaders.

Twitter's former "safety chief," Yoel Roth, recently came out and admitted that Trump was right the whole time. Twitter had been removing stories that correctly connected Hunter Biden to the vile contents of that infamous laptop.

New Twitter owner Elon Musk is not happy with what Roth and the rest of the previous people were doing.

Roth is admitting his wrongdoing now, but we must consider how the entire world might be different had Twitter never engaged in such wretched parenting of Americans.

If America would have known the type of person Joe Biden raised in Hunter, wouldn't that have called into question Joe's leadership ability? I mean, he's not able to motivate his own son to get an honest job, how's he supposed to inspire 350 million Americans?

I think we've seen in the last couple of years that he's simply not going to inspire 350 million Americans.