Former official says China sees Biden, US as weak

By Jen Krausz on
 March 9, 2023

A former U.S. military official said that China sees President Joe Biden and by extension, the U.S., as weak because of Biden's recent encouragement of its aggressive policies.

Former Lt. Col. James Carafano said on the Just the News, No Noise TV show:

Nobody's gonna dispute that China is the defining threat to the United States in the 21st century. They are basically the Soviet Union with money. And a lot of people don't talk about this, but China is building out its nuclear deterrent. So it will be a nuclear threat on par with the capabilities the United States and Russia, in actually the very near future.

In Carafano's view, China is already an enemy.

"This is a country who sees that their rise, and security and power can only come at the expense of diminishing the United States," he continued. "They are our enemy. That's just a fact."

Carafano said that Biden's failure in Afghanistan and initial reluctance to support Ukraine convinced China that he was a weak leader, and they are now emboldened to "take advantage" of that weakness.

"The Chinese are always looking at 'How can I put one over on Joe Biden?'" he said, adding that China will surely be looking at Taiwan.