Former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire defends Israel

October 11, 2023

Former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire posted his support for Israel on his social media pages Sunday after that nation was brutally attacked by Hamas on Saturday and word reached American media.

“I woke up this morning with some disturbing news out of Israel – that Hamas is kidnapping children, putting them in cages, killing women, killing the elderly. That’s some coward sh*t. That’s cowardly,” Stoudemire said. “And for all y’all Black Lives Matter [supporters] who ain’t saying nothing, ‘Well, let me figure out exactly what’s happening before I say anything’ — f*ck you.”

He continued: “Figure out what? It ain’t never been cool to kidnap kids and put them in cages. Ain’t never been cool to kill women and [the] elderly. Never been, no matter where you from, what you represent, what tribe you for, it don’t matter. It ain’t never been no cool thing. That ain’t never been nothing nobody supported. And then you go and hide and put the kids in front of you as a barricade. That’s some coward sh*t.”

Stoudemire converted to Judaism in 2020, which could explain why he supports the nation while so many others are silent or spewing anti-Semitism as news of the attack unfolded.

His point is a valid one even if someone is not a Jewish convert, however.

It is twisted logic indeed to blame the attacked for the attack.

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