Former mob boss says he had dealings with Trump in the 1980's

 July 10, 2023

A former mafia boss says he tried to do deals with former President Trump back in the 1980's.

The Life We Chose, William 'Big Billy' D'Elia and The Last Secrets of America's Most Powerful Mafia Family tells the story of a little-known Pennsylvania based mob powerhouse and his behind-the-scenes life in organized crime, as Fox News reports.

"In the new biography about him, D'Elia says he did business with former President Trump when he owned Atlantic City casinos in the 1980's, and that Trump shaved off $1 million from one real estate deal... by flipping a coin," Fox News reported on the documentary.

"The Feds say D'Elia, known as 'Big Billy,' ran the Buffalino Crime Family, based in Pennsylvania, for decades. He honed his profession at the side of the family's namesake, the legendary Russel Buffalino, who Robert F. Kennedy called 'one of the most ruthless and powerful leaders of the Mafia in the United States,'" reported Fox News.

D'Elia says he had dealings with Trump when he owned flashy New Jersey shore casinos.

Trump's New Jersey casinos were the "Trump Taj Mahal," "The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino," and "The Trump Marina Hotel and Casino."

"(He's) just like he's on TV now, arrogant. He don't keep his word," D'Elia said.

Veteran journalist Matt Birkbeck covered D’Elia and the Buffalino Crime Family for decades in northeast Pennsylvania and is the author of the biography The Quiet Don, about the crime family’s namesake, Russell Buffalino.

"Trump, when he did deals, he didn't want his lawyers doing it. He didn't want anyone else doing it, he did it himself, and he did it with gangsters," says Birkbeck.

"Billy did business with a lot of people, including Donald Trump," he said. "Trump knew exactly who he was, Trump knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what they were negotiating about."

D'Elia's report about Trump's confidence seems to be just like the man we've known in political circles for the last several years.