Former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato claims France shot down domestic flight in order to assassinate Moammar Gadhafi

September 3, 2023

Former two-time Premier Giuliano Amato has called on French President Emmanuel Macron to tell the truth about the downing of an Italian airliner on June 27, 1980, which killed all 81 passengers on board.

Amato believes that France was attempting to assassinate former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi when he was traveling between Yugoslavia and Libya but instead hit the civilian jet.

Amato confirmed his beliefs in an interview with Rome daily La Repubblica and added that Gadhafi had been tipped off by the Italians and was not onboard the Libyan jet that France was allegedly targeting.

Amato stated, "The most credible version is that of responsibility of the French air force, in complicity with the Americans and who participated in a war in the skies that evening of June 27."

France, the United States, and NATO all denied Amato's allegations, but the past few years have shown that such denials are meaningless.

Amato called on Macron saying, "I ask myself why a young president like Macron, while age-wise extraneous to the Ustica tragedy, wouldn’t want to remove the shame that weighs on France and he can remove it in only two ways – either demonstrating that the this thesis is unfounded or, once the (thesis’) foundation is verified, by offering the deepest apologies to Italy and to the families of the victims in the name of his government."

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