Former Google CEO Getting Too Close To Biden

December 24, 2022

Eric Schmidt is the former CEO of Google. That means his political ideologies are probably aligned with Joe Biden's, but I never expected him to be THIS involved.

Schmidt has been trying to influence America's president since Barack Obama took office.

Who knows if it worked on Barry all those years ago, but the current facts are undisputable; it's working on Joe Biden now.

He also would have been present had Hillary Clinton won in 2016, "which is perhaps why some executives were caught on camera tearing up after Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency in 2016."

If I worked that hard to rig an election and still lost it, I'd be crying too.

Schmidt had already been accused by Politico earlier this year of attempting "to influence the Biden administration’s science policy."

A POLITICO investigation found that members of the administration are well aware that a significant amount of the money for the salaries of FAS’s fellows comes from Schmidt’s research and investment firm, Schmidt Futures, and that the organization was critical to the program to fund administration jobs. In fact, the influence of Schmidt Futures at FAS is such that they are sometimes conflated.

Thus, some close observers of AI policy believe that Schmidt is using the program to enhance his clout within the administration and to advance his AI agenda.

“Schmidt is clearly trying to influence AI policy to a disproportionate degree of any person I can think of,” said Alex Engler, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who specializes in AI policy. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in investment toward advancing AI capacity in government and not much in limiting its harmful use.”