Former Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge held in civil contempt for not revealing source

 March 2, 2024

Former Fox News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, who was recently let go from CBS News, is facing a legal issue that has many, including her colleagues, crying foul.

According to CBS News, a federal judge shocked the media landscape last week after he decided to hold Herridge in civil contempt for refusing to release the source "for a 2017 series of Fox News stories about a Chinese American scientist who was investigated by the FBI but never charged."

Washington-based U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper made the insane ruling last Thursday, holding Herridge in civil contempt at a rate of $800 per day until she divulges her source.

It was noted that the ridiculous fine would not be enforced right away, giving Herridge time to make an appeal before having to shell out any money.

Judge Cooper, who has been widely criticized for the asinine ruling, admitted he "recognizes the paramount importance of a free press in our society," but added that the court "also has its own role to play in upholding the law and safeguarding judicial authority."

CBS News noted:

Herridge, who was recently laid off by CBS News, published an investigative series for Fox News in 2017 that examined Chen's ties to the Chinese military and raised questions about whether the scientist was using a professional school she founded in Virginia to help the Chinese government get information about American servicemembers.

The Obama-appointed judge added, "Herridge and many of her colleagues in the journalism community may disagree with that decision and prefer that a different balance be struck, but she is not permitted to flout a federal court's order with impunity."

Herridge received an outpouring of support from colleagues and even CBS News released a statement on the disturbing situation.

"As we previously said, we are fully supportive of Catherine Herridge's position in this case. No journalist should be punished for maintaining a source's confidentiality," a CBS News spokesperson said.

They added, "This order finding her in contempt should be concerning to all Americans who value the role of the free press in our democracy and understand that reliance on confidential sources is critical to the mission of journalism."

Many across social media weighed in on the situation, offering their support for Herridge, including Lara Logan.

"When a free media is no longer desired by those in power, you no longer live in a free society. You have to fight for it. I stand w Catherine Herridge & Steve Baker. Obama Judge Holds Journalist Catherine Herridge In Contempt For Not Revealing Source," Logan wrote on X.

Another X user wrote, "The reason that veteran journalist Catherine Herridge is being held in contempt for refusing to divulge a source is because her reporting exposed a Chinese communist military official running a school in America. The Biden regime always protects Chinese spies."