Former FBI director says there were 'Many Mistakes; in Trump campaign surveillance

 April 13, 2024

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe recently handed Donald Trump another victory.

Donald Trump is fighting for justice against a government even larger than he is, so any admission he gets that the government hasn't been doing everything properly is just further evidence that he is being wrongly attacked.

As a result, even small mistakes by the bad guys can turn into huge victories for Donald Trump.

That might be exactly what just happened here.

McCabe was in the middle of criticizing Trump when he accidentally put his foot in his mouth.

"My guess, Jim, is that, it’s not surprising that Donald Trump is against surveillance capacity and authority for the FBI, because he is someone who’s been investigated by the FBI," McCabe said. He then accidentally pointed out exactly why Donald Trump had such a problem with that investigation. He said:

We now know there were many mistakes in that FISA, those are all regrettable.

The former FBI Director is admitting mistakes were made in the investigation against Trump?

Why is the mainstream media not all over this?