Former Facebook Employee Says Instagram VERY Dangerous

November 9, 2023

This isn't good for Mark Zuckerberg and the boys.

Former employees of Meta, Zuckerberg's company and the parent firm to Facebook and Instagram, are blowing the whistle on how dangerous the products he has been pushing on the world really are.

Facebook started out as a way for Zuckerberg and his buddies to rank how hot college girls on his campus were.

It only took a few years before it grew into something much more.

Whether Zuckerberg meant to when he began, he created one of the most influential phenomena in world history.

Unfortunately for him, many think that this might be the most NEGATIVELY influential thing ever created and that the owners are just sitting back and letting America's next generation be destroyed by the apps.

A former employee of Facebook is saying that Zuckerberg and his team are intentionally putting kids in danger on Instagram by not letting users report inappropriate behavior or control who can message them.

Is that the kind of platform you want your child using?

Me neither.

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