Former deputy testifies at Paxton impeachment: 'Unconscionable'

By Jen Krausz on
 September 9, 2023

Ryan Bangert, former top deputy for suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) testified at the latter's impeachment trial on Thursday and said that Paxton's office was using resources to go after enemies of real estate developer Natin “Nate” Paul, a private citizen and donor to the AG's campaign.

“It was unconscionable in my view,” Bangert testified.

Paul was arrested in June and charged with eight counts of making false statements to financial institutions, among other charges.

“The AG was determined to use the power of his office” to benefit Paul, Bangert said.

Bangert estimated that "hundreds of man-hours" were used to go after a foundation that was opposing Paul and to stop law enforcement from investigating him.

Ryan Vassar, former deputy attorney general for legal counsel, also testified at the trial. Vassar was one of the whistleblowers who went to the FBI about Paxton's behavior and tearfully testified that he was not a "rogue employee" as Paxton's team had said.