Former Defense Secretary William Cohen says there is a threat of a 'biological component" from Chinese spy balloon

 February 5, 2023

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen, who served as Secretary of Defense for former President Bill Clinton, called on the Biden administration to inspect the downed Chinese spy balloon for a "biological component" during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday.

During the interview, host Anderson Cooper asked Cohen, "Secretary Cohen, if this was an Iranian balloon or a North Korean balloon, would we have reacted the same way?"

Cohen responded by saying, "I think we would have because the first thing we need to do is, number one, is the balloon a military or security threat, but number two, can we get information out of it before we destroy it? We didn’t know, for example, if it could have contained something within the balloon other than helium that could have posed a threat to us. Do we know if it has any kind of biological component to it? So you want to ask those questions."

Cohen wanted the Biden administration to capture the balloon and discover what kind of information the Chinese were collecting as well as checking for any threats.

Unfortunately, we will never know the truth of what China was doing as Joe Biden finally had the balloon shot down after it had already crossed the entire span of the United States.

The balloon could very well have been collecting sensitive data on American nuclear capabilities as it flew over many nuclear missile silo sites in Montana and other states.