Former aide says FBI ignored Joe Biden's role in family's Ukraine business dealings

By Jen Krausz on
 April 13, 2023

A former White House aide under Barack Obama told the New York Post that the FBI ignored a tip he gave them in February that implicated President Joe Biden in the Biden family's business dealings in Ukraine.

The FBI never responded to former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick after he submitted the tip, so he went to the Post with the information. “I’ll go under oath before anyone who needs to hear the truth about Joe Biden’s criminal activities,” he said.

“Joe Biden committed crimes in Ukraine in a conspiracy with [current national security adviser] Jake Sullivan,” McCormick told the Post. “I’m a witness to that happening.”

McCormick said that Sullivan told reporters on April 21, 2014, on Air Force Two as an anonymous “senior administration official” that the United States intended to help Ukraine’s natural gas industry.

At the time, Hunter Biden was already a board member of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, but that wasn't announced to reporters for another month.

Later that year, the U.S. gave $50 million to Ukraine for energy, and then-Vice President Joe Biden was the point person on Ukraine at that time.