Foreign Attack Smashes Surprised Biden - This Is NASTY

October 12, 2022

Joe Biden is doing such a terrible job running the American government that you can see it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.

Why else would British publications be SO concerned about what is happening in America's government?

They're seeing the stupidity at the top, and they simply can't believe it.

The Telegraph recently published an article asserting that "Biden's qualities for the Oval Office are almost non-existent."

The author went on to describe Joe's abilities not in kind terms, but correct ones. For example, the DNC should have listened to Obama when he warned them not to "underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f--- things up."

"From losing his train of thought mid-sentence to forgetting one of his own congresswomen had died in a car crash, the 79-year-old has hardly proved to be the answer to America’s crisis of confidence," the article read.

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