Ford Motor Company Decides To Import From China...American Made No More

A hallmark of the Ford Motor Company has long been that its vehicles are not made overseas, but that is ending, as a recent announcement from the manufacturer indicates it will begin importing vehicles from China.

"Ford Motor Company will make history by importing its next generation Lincoln Nautilus from China — the first time ever to do so," reported Breitbart.

Backlash also continues to mount against a planned Ford plant in Marshall, Michigan.

The Michigan plant involves China’s premier electric vehicle battery supplier.

Ford executives announced in April that the Lincoln Nautilus will be made in China and imported to sell to Americans.

"It makes the first time in Ford’s history that Lincoln will manufacture a vehicle in China and send it to the U.S. to be sold. The announcement has experts calling for President Joe Biden, and Congress, to increase U.S. tariffs on vehicles made in China," reported Breitbart.

"Currently, those tariffs sit at about 25 percent. Industry experts said the Ford announcement shows higher U.S. tariffs are necessary to protect American auto workers and domestic industry from being forced to compete against subsidized, China-made vehicles," reported Breitbart.

"25% tariffs on China built autos not enough," Michael Stumo, Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) CEO wrote on Twitter.

"Don’t think this is the kind of 'history' Americans want to see from a historic [American] auto manufacturer," CPA’s Nick Iacovella said.

President Joe Biden’s administration has remained silent on the announcement.