Footage of pit bulls tearing apart car shocks America

 April 1, 2024

Footage of two pit bulls tearing apart a car was captured in Southwest Jacksonville, Florida, on Thursday after the dogs attempted to maul a cat. This footage surfaced as Americans have witnessed multiple terrifying dog attacks, usually by aggressive pit bulls.

The car that was heavily damaged belonged to homeowner Christie Barr who was sleeping when the attack happened.

When she discovered the damage to her vehicle she immediately contacted police and was later shocked to see that video footage made it clear that no human was responsible for the shocking violence.

The two dogs responsible for the attempted murder of Barr's neighbor's cat appeared to be ownerless and haven't been found by law enforcement.

Barr told the media "If they can do that to metal on a car, they'd tear a human being up." She and her neighbors urged everyone to keep an eye out and understand that these dogs are deadly and can kill.

There have been multiple killings from dog attacks in recent months and children are especially at risk. Law enforcement needs to ensure that dangerous dogs are carefully kept track of and prevented from roaming free.