Florida voters choosing Trump over DeSantis by 35 points

October 7, 2023

In a contest between two Floridians -- former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis -- GOP primary voters say they want the former commander in chief over their own chief executive by a margin of 35 points.

Trump had 57% support in the latest polling by Tony Fabrizio for a private client, while DeSantis had 22%. Fabrizio also does polling for a pro-Trump super PAC.

DeSantis had 90% approval among those surveyed, including 76% who strongly approved, but many apparently want to keep him around as governor rather than promote him to president at this point in time.

There is widespread GOP sentiment that Trump is getting railroaded with indictments by leftist prosecutors and judges, which has made many in the GOP base resolved to vote for him.

If Trump were to be convicted on any of the charges, however, it could hurt him both with the base and with general election voters, some polling has revealed.

It seems like the GOP is taking a risk by continuing to support him over candidates without all the baggage, like DeSantis.

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