Florida Sheriff Delivers Bad News To Joe Biden

 January 5, 2023

A Florida sheriff has said he doesn't think the Biden administration has any sort of a plan to deal with the migrant surge happening in America.

Monroe County Republican Sheriff Rick Ramsay said, "There doesn’t seem to be a plan from the federal government" to handle the increase in migrant landings in south Florida.

Ramsay added that if there is a plan, it’s not working.

"Ramsay also said that the number of landings jumped went from once every week or two to three landings a day 'several months ago,' and now hit ten in one day," reported Breitbart.

Ramsay added, "We’ve been experienc[ing], in the past, we’d have a migrant landing every week or two. But several months ago, our landings started turning into two, three landings a day. We’re seeing — yesterday, we had ten migrant landings."

Ramsay also said, "There doesn’t seem to be a plan from the federal government. If asked, I’m sure they’d tell you they’ve got a plan. But we’d like to see it. And if they have it, it doesn’t seem to be working on this environment."

It's clear the federal government doesn't care about the border issues America is facing.

Source: Breitbart