Florida Sen. Rick Scott endorses Donald Trump

November 4, 2023

While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was once a leading opponent against former President Donald Trump in the race for the GOP nomination, that's certainly no longer the case.

A statement was made last week when Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R), once expected to endorse his fellow statesman, instead offered his full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump, giving the former president a huge boost in Florida politics.

According to JustTheNews, Scott, like many others, believes a strong Republican leader should take the reins at the White House in 2024, and he believes Trump is the right man for the job.

Scott's endorsement came in the form of an op-ed for Newsweek titled, "It's Time To Unite Behind Donald Trump."

"In my view there is one person running who has the strength to bring America back, who is well-positioned to win the Republican primary, and who will win the general election," Scott writes.

He added, "And that is why I am supporting Donald Trump for president."

"I am optimistic that we can return America to its rightful position of economic and military strength and the undisputed moral leader of the free world, but only with strong leadership in the White House," he stated.

Scott continued, "That is why I support my friend President Donald J. Trump to be the 47th president of the United States and encourage every Republican to unite behind his efforts to win back the White House."

For his part, Trump thanked the Florida senator for his ringing endorsement. Scott posted a screenshot of the former president's Truth Social post thanking him for the endorsement.

"Thank you, President Trump! It’s time for Republicans to come together and fire @JoeBiden next year," Scott wrote.

Trump continues to dominate all relevant GOP primary polls, leaving his closest competitors behind by double digits in most cases. Many, including Trump, have called on the Republican Party to forgo future debates and rally behind the clear frontrunner.

The 45th president has secured endorsements from a number of powerful allies in both chambers of Congress.

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