Florida legislature considering tweaking rules to allow DeSantis to run for President

December 5, 2022

Florida lawmakers are reviewing Florida's legal code as Gov. Ron DeSantis has emerged as a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Due to Florida's "resign to run" law, DeSantis may be forced to resign his position as governor should he choose to run for a federal office.

According to Florida law, "any officer who qualifies for federal public office must resign from the office he or she presently holds if the terms, or any part thereof, run concurrently with each other."

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner spoke on the issue saying, "Candidly, we have gone back and forth based on the circumstances of the moment. In this case, it’s an honor for someone from Florida to even consider running for president."

DeSantis is being hailed as the younger, baggage-free version of former President Donald Trump, and a growing number of voters want him instead of Trump in 2024.

The governor enjoys a friendly legislature that is going to work with him to ensure he can run. Now all that remains is for DeSantis to pull the trigger and run against Trump to determine who will lead the Republican Party.