Florida GOP celebrates successful election cycle, flipped seat

By Jen Krausz on
 March 23, 2023

The Republican Party of Florida took Tuesday night to celebrate its many wins in the 2022 election cycle due to net positive Republican turnout, which even resulted in a flipped seat in a local race.

The key was chairman Christian Ziegler's commitment to being involved in local races and providing oversight.

“We flipped Duval in 2022 and tonight we out-hustled and outperformed Democrats in that same county,” Ziegler said.

The celebration highlighted a number of winners in local races and pumped up the crowd to continue the fight in upcoming races.

“We’re going to expand and we’re going to go after these local races,” Ziegler said.

“Democrat despair and Republican momentum continues in Duval, but we’re not done yet. The Republican Party looks forward to finishing the job in May,” he said, referring to a mayor's race runoff in Jacksonville.