Florida Election Announcement Has Democrats Shaking...

July 14, 2022

There are not many midterm elections that liberals think they can steal from Republicans.

The consensus is that a red wave is coming, and it's just a matter of which liberals are going to lose their elections.

One race that liberals have marked as a possible sneak victory though is the one for Marco Rubio's current Senate Seat.

Many Democrats think that Democrat Val Jennings has a good chance to take his spot.

A recent poll however, responded to that idea with just three words:

Not. So. Fast.

Despite the liberal lies, Rubio remains firmly in control of his election in Florida.

The big potential victory these Dems are referring to?

Well, Demings is going to have to overcome an eight-point deficit to do it.

A recent poll among likely voters said that 50% would vote for Rubio compared to just 42% for Demings.

You know that the current state of the Dem Party must be truly pathetic if they are trying to spin eight-point losses as wins.

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