Five dead including four children after fishing group gets caught in tide in Quebec

Authorities confirmed on Saturday that five individuals were killed, including four children, when an 11-person fishing group got caught in a tide on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

Quebec provincial police confirmed that around 2 a.m., a call came in from Portneuf-sur-Mer that led to an extensive search involving divers, boats and helicopters.

Emergency workers rescued six individuals from the group but the other five couldn't be located. Toward morning, the four missing children were found unresponsive on a beach and were declared dead at the hospital.

All four children were above the age of 10, but nonetheless this incident has left Quebec in shock.

Mayor Jean-Maurice Tremblay said, "Everyone is affected by what happened, because this kind of event, it's the first time it's happened. When it involves five people, and four children drowning during a recreational activity, it's certain people are quite sad about it."

Unfortunately, what exactly led to this terrible incident remains to be seen. The tides in the area are known to be unpredictable but investigators are hard at work uncovering what exactly happened in order to provide closure to the victims' families.