First lady Jill Biden roasted over 'bedspread' dress

First lady Jill Biden had huge shoes to fill in replacing the always fashionable Melania Trump, and so far, she has failed spectacularly. Biden's latest fashion faux pas went viral, and it's possible that Mrs. Biden is looking for a new stylist.

The first lady posted a picture posing with military caregivers wearing a dress that many quickly pointed out looked identical to a "bedspread" or "curtains."

Unlike her dress, the first lady's mission is a good one. Her post read, "Military-connected caregivers, like Amy and her family, meet the challenges of their lives with courage and resilience. All of us have a role to play in ensuring they are seen and supported - it’s why Joe signed an Executive order last month to make it easier for caregivers to access resources, like mental health services."

Biden's outing was meant to push her Joining Forces initiative which is working to help military and veteran families, caregivers, and survivors.

Unfortunately, many seemed to have missed the point of her post and the work that her initiative is doing which is unfortunate considering the needs that caregivers and military families have.

One can only imagine how the mainstream media would have reacted had Melania Trump made such ill-advised fashion choices.