First hint emerges that judge may delay Trump DC election interference trial

By Jen Krausz on
 January 20, 2024

Judge Tanya Chutkan has given the first hint that she might delay a scheduled March start for the Washington, D.C. election interference trial of former President Donald Trump.

Chutkan issued an order barring Special Prosecutor Jack Smith from filing any new motions without getting permission in advance to do so while an appeals court decides whether Trump has immunity from the prosecution.

“Contrary to Defendant’s assertion, the court has not and will not set deadlines in this case based on the assumption that he has undertaken preparations when not required to do so,” she wrote.

That statement suggests that she will not cut short Trump's time to prepare for his defense and will instead delay the trial by weeks or even months to allow the proper amount of preparation time.

Smith was continuing to file motions after the immunity claim went to the appeals court, which Trump's team said were taking time away from preparing for the appeal.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung also accused Smith of using the court's docket to release unflattering claims about Trump.