Fewer Than 50% Of New Hampshire Voters Want Biden Running Again

 July 19, 2023

He's too old, too confused, too incompetent, too corrupt, too unreliable, and too dangerous to count on.

That's the opinion that voters in New Hampshire have about America's current president, Joe Biden, who is already 80 years old.

Only 38% of voters in New Hampshire think that Biden should run for reelection.

Predictably, Republicans were the demographic group that despised Crooked Old Joe the most.

Just a tick under 88% of them believe that Biden should NOT run again. Of the 12% of Republicans who said they wouldn't mind if Biden ran again, one-third of those admitted it was just because they wanted an easy opponent for the Republican to squash.

Independent voters feel almost the same as Republicans do. Nearly 65% of them wish that Biden would not run again.

"In the open-ended responses by those who think Biden shouldn’t seek reelection, well over 65% said Age, Health, Mental Acuity, or overall Competency were their concerns," the survey concluded.