Federal judge blocks Tennessee law banning adult performances on public property in view of children

September 4, 2023

Judge Ronnie Greer, a Bush appointee from Tennessee's Eastern District, blocked the Adult Entertainment Act, which bans adult performances on public property or in view of children.

This decision follows up on a decision from a federal judge in the Western District of Tennessee who ruled the legislation was unconstitutional in June.

Blount County District Attorney Ryan Desmond attempted to enforce the rule against an LGBT+ event at Maryville College which prompted a lawsuit from the ACLU that led to Greer blocking the rule.

Drag performer Flamy Grant reacted to the decision, saying, "This ruling confirms that despite continued attempts to remove LGBTQ people from public life, our First Amendment rights matter just as much as anyone else’s. Our fundamental right to exist as we are and to gather in celebration with our community is protected by the First Amendment on and off the stage."

LGBTQ groups are attempting to use the 1st Amendment to protect their sexually explicit performances, sometimes performed in front of children, from law enforcement.

Unfortunately, it seems there are plenty of federal judges who are perfectly fine with children being exposed to sexually explicit performances.

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