Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Lobstermen

 June 20, 2023

The National Marine Fisheries Service said that they weren't TRYING to put lobstermen out of business.

But that's exactly what their new protection rules regarding the North Atlantic Right Whale were doing.

Instead of being reasonable and doing what was best for the whales and humans alike, the National Marine Fisheries Service instead gave the whales the benefit of the doubt and made rules based on worst-case scenario for the current North Atlantic Right Whale population.

It turns out that their new rules were so absurd and so over-the-top that a federal appeals court had to reverse the decision of the National Marine Fisheries Service for being "contrary to law."

Despite the fact that "there has not been a documented right whale entanglement associated with Maine lobstermen since 2004," the agency nearly put lobstermen out of business trying to protect the whale.

It is even debated on whether or not the North Atlantic Right Whale is even found off of the coast of Maine or not, where the lobstermen reside.

Thank you to this appeals court for not having gone as zany as the rest of our government -- at least not yet.