Federal Court Hammers Biden's Racial Equity Agenda

June 22, 2023

Joe Biden is pushing a radical equity agenda.

What do he and Kamala Harris even mean when they say "equity," anyway?

According to Fox News, it's "racial preferences for preferred races."

They don't want to give all humans equal opportunities; they want everyone to end up with the same results.

People like Harris will tell you that if a minority group is underachieving, there's no amount of hard work that would help them close the gap. According to her, literally nothing is anyone's fault. We just need to give everyone handouts until they catch up or surpass those who have achieved.

America doesn't like it.

Neither does Judge Mark Pittman, a Trump-appointee based in Fort Worth, Texas.

He says that "the Constitution demands equal treatment under law."

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not agree.

Who do you think is right in this situation? The White House or Judge Mark Pittman?

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