FBI whistleblower resigns after interview with House Judiciary Committee on FBI corruption

 February 19, 2023

Steve Friend, a special agent and former SWAT team member, has resigned from the FBI after blowing the whistle on the agency's multiple civil liberties violations against some Jan. 6 defendants.

Friend revealed that the FBI was increasingly becoming political in its handling of criminal cases. The FBI was also allegedly implementing practices designed to manipulate investigations to reach statistical and budget goals.

Even worse, despite Freind's use of the proper protocol in blowing the whistle on the FBI's unethical practices, the FBI still retaliated against him.

During an interview with the John Solomon Reports podcast, Friend said "The FBI had weaponized the security clearance revocation process in order to essentially try to wait me out financially. You know, I was in a position where I had some personal savings and was able to survive. But at the end of the day, you know, I'm a married father of two small children. I have to support my family."

Thankfully, Freind took a job with an organization dedicated to reforming the FBI, but he still endured significant hardship because of his brave actions.

The information Friend has given to Congress will be invaluable in undoing the politicization of the FBI. Now it is up to House Republicans to drop the hammer and make heads roll.