FBI Violated Constitutional Rights Of Beverly Hills Residents

 February 1, 2024

The FBI agents who raided the belongings of various Beverly Hills, California, residents, seizing close to $86 million in cash, have been found guilty of violating the victims’ constitutional rights.

Originally, the FBI went through with the raids due to concerns surrounding money laundering.

The FBI raided a business, US Private Vaults, pursuant to a legal search warrant.

But when it came time to tear open the boxes and see what was inside, agents did not have the proper paperwork.

They acted anyway.

That decision has come back to bite them.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that their search was a massive violation of the victims’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Now, the FBI has been ordered to return the money and any belongings they took during the raid.

One of the residents struck by the raid, Jeni Pearsons, has released a recent statement on the court’s decision to have her belongings returned.

"Hearing these judges just knock them down a peg and talk through the situation, this extraordinary overreach and an actual breaking of civil rights … it was just really, really gratifying," Pearsons said to Fox News.

No other updates have been released at this time.