FBI Treated Clinton And Trump Campaigns VERY Differently

Special Counsel John Durham has released his final report after probing alleged election collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

It's EVERYTHING that Donald Trump had hoped it would be, and the worst nightmare for the liberals of America:


Even though Durham was supposed to be investigating alleged wrongdoing by Donald Trump, it ended up being Clinton and other Democrats who got burned.

Results show that the FBI and DOJ treated Clinton and Donald Trump VERY differently.

It's been proven that despite ample evidence that the Clintons were up to something, America's FBI and Justice Department did NOTHING to curtail their lies.

Perhaps it's because they were so busy jumping to investigate Trump whenever possible.

It turns out that there was just cause to investigate the Clintons, but our federal law enforcement simply wouldn't do it.

The FBI acted like their pants were on fire when it was time to investigate Trump and used "considerable caution" before investigating anything Clinton did.