FBI should release info on Jimmy Hoffa, Fox News crime reporter says

By Jen Krausz on
 July 31, 2023

Fox News crime reporter Eric Shawn thinks the FBI should release the information it has about union boss Jimmy Hoffa's death, including information that is redacted, as the 50th anniversary of his death nears.

There has been speculation since 1975 when Hoffa disappeared, and many theories about what happened to him have circulated.

Hoffa's son James Hoffa is writing a book that blames mobsters for Hoffa's death.

Fox Nation is exploring the case for its series Riddle, The Search for James R. Hoffa.

Another popular theory is that he was taken to Central Sanitation and incinerated there. Others say he was buried in concrete under a mob-owned building.

Shawn would like to see what the FBI's information has to say about Hoffa's disappearance and supposed death and thinks it could close the case for good.