FBI Previously Conducted SECRET Search Of Biden Center

 February 1, 2023

Way back in November, President Joe Biden's attorneys found documents with classified markings on them in locations he presumably controlled.

The American people wouldn't know for two months.

Shortly after those documents were discovered, the FBI conducted a search of the Penn Biden Center on Nov. 2, and told the National Archives.

It would not be until Jan. 9 until CBS News learned the scoop and reported it to the American public.

What the hell was going on for two months?

Conspiring against the American people, that's what. If Biden was on the level, the American people would know about it. But he's not on the level, so the American people have to be kept in the dark.

Even when they DID start slowly rolling out the truth, the White House completely omitted the second discovery of Biden classified documents on December 20.

Since the White House won't be transparent, I will be. Joe Biden is playing games with this entire country so that he can benefit those close to him.