FBI Previously Admitted Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was True

 July 22, 2023

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, recently stopped by a broadcast of Hannity on Fox News Channel.

While there, Jordan let America in on a little secret that our FBI has tried desperately to hide for YEARS.

The FBI knew that Hunter Biden's laptop was really his all along. Agency officials even admitted it to Twitter when the vile laptop first surfaced. Jordan said:

What we learned this week is that day that that story comes out the FBI just happens to be meeting with Twitter, that same day. And in that meeting, someone from Twitter — we got this from Laura Dehmlow, head of the Foreign Influence Task Force at the FBI, when we deposed her three days ago — that same day, Twitter’s meeting with the FBI. Someone from Twitter asked the FBI, is the laptop real? The FBI — some agent answers yes, it is. And then quickly, an FBI lawyer jumps in the conversation and says, no further comment. So, they confirmed it. And then they went to no comment. Later that same day, the FBI is also meeting with Facebook. Facebook asked the same question — because that day, that was the biggest story and people were wondering and these companies were wondering, because…they had been prepped to understand a hack and leak operation was coming and it was going to involve Hunter Biden. Here it comes, and they want to know if it’s real. The FBI, in the meeting with Facebook, says, no comment.

Jordan is absolutely right. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have been doing whatever they want in this country for YEARS now.

The only people that are better off because of it are named Biden.

The rest of Americans are the ones suffering.